How Does the SNAP Curriculum Apply to Everyday Tasks?

Task Analysis

Even something like "riding public transit" is a series of several individual tasks that your clients may or may not be able to complete. Curriculum topics from several domains and components can apply to a single task. Consider that "riding public transit" can be broken into 25 distinct tasks. The following are samples of topics that can be discussed for each of the tasks.

1. Having a Destination in Mind

 Communication (Making Choices)

 Community Services (all topics)

2. Locate and Choose the Correct Transit Schedule

Reading Skills 

3. Find Correct Bus Route (i.e. Gold Route, Red Route)

Public Transit Schedule

Reading Skills

4. Determine Bus Arrival and Departure Times

Reading Skills

Telling Time (What Time Is It?)

5. Knowing the Price of a Ticket

Money Skills (all topics)

6. Where to Purchase a Ticket

Shopping Skills (What Kinds of Stores?)

7. Maintaining Control of Your Ticket

Self Advocacy (Personal Responsibility)

8. Locate Correct Bus Stop Location in the Community

Community Surroundings (all topics)

Public Transit (Recognizing Bus Stops)

9. Getting to the Bus Stop Location on Time

Telling Time (What Time Is It?)

Street Safety (all topics)

Exercise (Walking)

10. Waiting Patiently in Line

Social Skills (Taking Turns, Patience, Manners)

11. Determining the Correct Bus at the Bus Stop

Reading Skills

12. Boarding the Bus in Turn

Social Skills (Taking Turns, Patience)

13. Putting Your Ticket in the Hopper Without Visiting with the Driver

Stranger Awareness (Can I Talk to the Driver?)

14. Find an Empty Seat and Sit Down

Social Skills (Manners)

15. Display Proper Bus Riding Etiquette

Social Skills (Manners, Taking Turns)

Stranger Awareness (all topics)

Hygiene (Personal Hygiene, Hygiene Manners)

16. Locate Landmarks For Approaching Destination

Public Transit (Transit Landmarks)

17. Pulling the Stop Cord Or Push the Stop Button

Public Transit (Notifying the Driver of Your Stop)

18. Wait for the Bus to Come to a Complete Stop Before Getting Up to Exit

Social Skills (Parience, Following Rules)

19. Take All Personal Property when Exiting the Bus

Self Advocacy (Personal Responsibility)

20. Exit the Bus In Turn

Social Skills (Taking Turns)

21. Determining the Need to Make a Transfer

Public Transit (Transfers)

22. Notifying the Driver of the Need to Make A Transfer

Public Transit (Transfers)

Communication (How Do I Tell People What I Want?)

24. Boarding the Correct Bus at Transfer Location

Communication (Making Choices, Consequences)

25. Handling a Situation Such as Having Gotten Off the Bus at a Wrong Location

Personal Safety (all topics)

Stranger Awareness (all topics)

Communication (Making Choices, Consequences)

Street Safety (all topics)

Emotions (Dealing with Emotions, Developing a Self-Control Plan)

Community Surroundings (Where Am I?, Street Names and Numbers)

That's Not All

Curriculum from 13 different components (or more) and at least 60 individual topics may be used just to teach bus riding skills. You may break the task list down even further, and you can certainly review more topics on many of the tasks.