Presenting basic daily living skills training in an adult age appropriate forum

Using the SNAP Curriculum

What Is It?



 Each curriculum topic was developed from an actual person centered individual service plan, and includes a performance objective, list of materials, and suggestions for instruction. The curriculum is a tool for staff to use to engage adults with developmental disabilities in a conversation of over 200 daily living skills topics. And please include all clients in the conversations - even non-verbal folks and those people that some consider "too low functioning" to "get it." Let's let the clients show us whether or not they "get it." Topics can be presented in your facility or out in the community where the skills will actually be used.

Continuity of Message


The curriculum isn't a lecture series. It's used to talk about a range of topics during activities that you normally do during your day with your clients. Importantly, it also gives your clients some continuity of message. You don't have to worry about various staff telling clients something completely different from each other. 
 The SNAP curriculum is also an excellent staff training tool as it gives new staff an idea of the types of issues facing adults with developmental disabilities, and provides suggestions of ways to help your clients overcome their barriers. This ensures that staff have not omitted a particular step in skills training and that the client receives reasonably sized pieces of information. Instruction is not meant to be overwhelming. Curriculum Oriented for Adults with Developmental Disabilities



Success is based on performance of the skills discussed in the curriculum. Giving you the right answers in a discussion setting is one thing, demonstrating the proper skill/behavior in the community is another thing. Give clients the opportunity to practice the skills that you review with them.

 Who uses SNAP Curriculum?

  • Day Program, Vocational Program,  or Residential Agency Staff
  • School Teachers
  • Anyone Supporting Adults with
    Developmental Disabilities
  • The curriculum is currently being used by agencies and schools in 48 states as well as in Canada, Ireland, and South Africa.

A Brief Video Introduction

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