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John Meyers is a retired Qualified Mental Retardation
Professional (QMRP), and was a Day Program Director
for the Humboldt Community Access and Resource
Center in Northern California. He has worked as a line
staff directly providing social and behavioral skills training
to adults with developmental disabilities in community
settings, and as a Service Coordinator writing Individual
Service Plans. Years of hands-on experience led him to
write and use the SNAP Curriculum.

Editor Leonard McLaughlin received his first Teaching
Credential in Speech and Hearing Therapy in 1975. He
returned to school to get his Severely Handicapped
Teaching Credential and then taught as a Special Day
Class Teacher until his retirement in 2001.

Leonard saw on a daily basis the need for curriculum
geared for adults and teens ready to transition to adult
life. SNAP Curriculum is that material.

John is also the a
uthor of:

How to Teach Daily Living Skills to Adults with
Developmental Disabilities

Individual Service Plan Guidelines

Customizable Staff Orientation

Indoor Activities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Down Time Plan

Task Analysis Book

Basic Training for Direct Service Providers

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