"When I first examined the SNAP Curriculum on a visit to
the north coast last year, I was immediately impressed with
the thoroughness and comprehensiveness of this system.
As we've incorporated various parts of SNAP into our
program re-design, my initial impressions have been
borne out repeatedly.

WTC is very satisfied with our purchase of the SNAP
Curriculum. This system has turned out to be a great value
for the modest amount of dollars we invested. We are
delighted to recommend SNAP to other providers of
service to people with developmental disabilities."

C.O. Executive Director

"I would like to endorse the Specific Natural Activity
Program Curriculum for its adaptability in a
moderate/severe special day class program. The
curriculum offers a myriad of options and suggestions
concerning where and how it can be used yet it is so

Topics were approached with a straightforward practical
tone that makes it simple to structure for individual
student's needs. Thank you for sharing this curriculum with

C.R.  Special Day Class Teacher